Support for Insurance Claim Contractors

Serving the following Maryland counties: Prince George's, Howard, Anne Arundel, Charles, Montgomery, St. Mary's, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

We Help Contractors – and Their Customers!

When contractors attempt to start work on insurance claim-related projects, there can be a number of challenges. For example, a customer may ask you to perform public adjusting services. You may do so with the best of intentions, but that could actually jeopardize your license if it’s reported to the state board as “unlicensed practice of public adjusting” (UPPA).

Other times, after spending the time, money, and effort to secure a contract, an insurance company may swoop in and deny the claim, or require that their “preferred contractor” is used, costing you the job. By working with a public adjuster, all of this can be avoided.

Working Together: Contractors and Public Adjusters.

With a reputable, licensed public adjuster from Shorter Settlements working with you and on the behalf of your customer, insurance claims can get paid fairly and quickly. If the insurance company disputes a claim or the amount, our public adjusters will fight for their recommended settlement so you can get to work and be paid promptly.

At Shorter Settlements, we love working with contractors and consider them our colleagues. We want to help you help your customers! So, don’t walk away from a job because an insurance claim was denied, and don’t let an insurance adjuster cut your earnings by stating you’re overcharging or including items you shouldn’t be. With us on your side, we will:

  • Handle the insurance company and the insurance claims process
  • Deal with the insurance adjuster and negotiate claims on the customers’ behalf
  • Eliminate the need for creating a free contractor estimate
  • Boost your profits by ensuring insurance claims are settled fairly and quickly
  • Protect you from any accusation of insurance violations, or UPPA
  • Ensure you receive payment owed by the insurance company for work performed

Contact Us for Contractor Support or Join a FREE Contractor Workshop.

Are you currently working on a job and have concerns related to public adjusting or insurance? Are you looking for a public adjuster you can work with in the future? Or would you like to learn more?

You can contact us now or join one of our free contractor workshops, which are open to general contractors, subcontractors, tradesmen, handymen, project managers, service technicians, and others who want to gain insight into the insurance claim process in order to help their customers and boost their bottom line.