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Serving the following Maryland counties: Prince George's, Howard, Anne Arundel, Charles, Montgomery, St. Mary's, and the Mid-Atlantic region.


From property inspections to insurance appraisals, we will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered when disaster strikes.


Your commercial spaces should be protected too. We also provide public adjusting and insurance appraisal services for commercial properties.

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We Work for Policyholders, Not Insurance Companies.

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When your property is damaged by storms, water, or fire, navigating the insurance claim process is tricky. Even though you’ve been paying for coverage, your insurance company’s goal is to pay you back as little as possible—they’ll even hire their own insurance adjuster to see to it. With your own experienced Shorter Settlements public adjuster on your side, you can get the maximum settlement you’re owed—as quickly as possible. We also work with contractors!


Why Use a Public Adjuster?

It’s natural to call your insurance company after an event. However, we have seen many property owners jeopardize their claim through their statements, actions, or documentation. When dealing with an insurance adjuster on your own, this can even result in the claim being denied. A public adjuster works for the policyholder and will help with insurance claims in order to get you top dollar, whether you’re seeking recovery or reconstruction costs.

Public Adjusting Services

Types of Losses We Handle

Water Damage
Mold Damage
Storm Damage

Is Your Insurance Current?

Homeowners’ insurance and other coverage types can change over time—and often do. Be sure your home insurance coverage is up to date and that you know exactly what’s covered should you need to make a home insurance claim. Has the value of your home changed? Have you made improvements? Have those pricey electronics or jewelry you bought been added to your policy? If you’re unsure of any of these questions, you should consider a home insurance review.

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We Work with Contractors too!

Contractors hired for a repair project face a number of hurdles. Often, property owners expect them to take on the duties of a public adjuster, which is illegal due to conflict of interest and can put your contractor’s license on the line.

In addition, after spending time with the insured to estimate the repairs and get the contract, the insurance company can come in and bump you from the project in favor of a “preferred contractor.”

Working with one of our licensed public adjusters protects you from any legal issues, and gets the claim paid quickly so you can get to work. We regularly work side-by-side with contractors, which is a win-win for you and your customer.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our family was extremely pleased with Mr. Shorter. He was patient, very knowledgeable and an amazing advocate for my mother dealing with a professionally inappropriate insurance company. Mr. Shorter was very accessible and timely with communication to both my mother and I. Mr. Shorter’s personable and systematic approach to his craft provided such confidence to us during this process. If you or your loved ones are dealing with insurance companies that are giving you the “run around”, you most certainly want Mr. Shorter in your corner!

Matthew S.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mr. Shorter was attentive and responsive to our needs from the start. Guided us through the process and stayed on top of everything that needed to be done from start to finish. we enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him!

Angela Katora

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